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Protected Geographical Indication

The Calahorra Cauliflower has been produced since 2003 under a Protected Geographical Indication, a quality distinction granted by the European Union that ties the quality of products to their geographical location. The PGI is managed by the Professional Association of Cauliflower Producers and Marketers.

Every cauliflower marketed with the Calahorra Cauliflower seal complies with every single requirement of the Regulations of the Protected Geographical Indication. To make sure that every cauliflower sold fulfils all these requirements, Calahorra Cauliflowers are subjected to strict controls:

  • Cultivation controls from sowing to harvest.
  • Fertiliser and plant health product controls to ensure all cauliflower growing practices employed are environmentally friendly.
  • Controls to determine optimal harvest time.
  • Warehouse controls to ensure the cauliflowers are properly handled, packed and shipped.
  • Controls to guarantee the authenticity of the product.


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Protected Geographical Indication
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